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«The Bambu Shop» offers a wide range of bamboo products. Whether you are looking for bamboo products such as: bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes or bamboo pillows…, you will easily find them here, at «The Bambu Shop | Buy Bamboo products online«. Our website is a collection of best selling bamboo products and utensils, prepared to make online shopping for sustainable bamboo products very easy.

All bamboo made

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and is incredibly sustainable. It’s strong, light, reusable and compostable.

We only have one world, so let’s start taking care of it. Find your bamboo products here and start your sustainable living now!

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Bamboo Products are biodegradable and don’t pollute our environment. They are made of natural material without the need for fertilizers and offer a great alternative to plastic, steel and other less natural materials.


Most of Bamboo products, such as straws, can be used for however long you want. They are resistant, durable and easy to clean. If you dislike the idea of plastic straws or plastic cutlery which are thrown away after each single time of use, then bamboo is for you.


Unlike trees and other plants, bamboo does not need pesticides to protect its health. Because of its natural antimicrobial agents, bamboo not only grows protected, but its products too (like straws for example) are naturally antibacterial and hygienic.

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Why Buy Bamboo Products. Advantages and Benefits of bamboo

You are making one of the best decisions of your life when you are buying products carved out of bamboo. Many people have started liking bamboo handicrafts but they are still curious to know about why to buy bamboo made products? What are the advantages, the characteristics they have got? After reading this post, you can buy bamboo products online at our shop: «The Bambu shop«


What is Bamboo?

Ask any kid what is Bamboo and he/she will simply say, it is a tree. When the same question is put before a high school science student, the reply is somewhat like, «it is an evergreen and perennial flowering plant that belong to family Poaceae.»

Okay, let us now try to understand in the simplest terms. Bamboo is a kind of natural composite substance, that is more or less like fibers and obtained from Bamboo trees. Like wood, it finds use in making furniture and houses.

From papers to floors, from ropes to boats, and from jewelry to shoes, innumerable things can be handcrafted with magnificent Bamboo fibers. The list is endless.

Why to buy Bamboo products?

In a world badly contaminated with harmful chemicals and hazardous plastics coming from animals to death, it’s hard to find things that are safe and natural.

Don’t you miss that touch of mother nature in your life? This modern era of technology has alienated us from natural surroundings. We are compelled to lead a life dominated by chemical-loaded entities.

Imagine saving nature just by changing the single habit. No big efforts need to be made. What’s that habit? Stop using some of the plastic made products and turn on to naturally driven ones.

Contribute to nature by purchasing natural products. And what can be better than those crafted with Bamboo?

Save nature just by buying a product made with Bamboo fibers. Every product you buy will be a step towards healing our ailing nature. These products can be recycled further unlike plastics that remain as such for years deteriorating the environment.

Instead of utilizing plastic built equipment, turn on natural ones. Don’t replace your entire stock but at least a few ones can be given a nature-powered replacement. This step cam makes a change towards curbing environmental problems.

Because nature needs us, drastically!


The incorporation of Bamboo products is very easy. There are many things you can replace. These can be baby wipes, cutlery, straws, bamboo toothbrush, phone case, types of furniture, and so on.


Characteristics & Advantages if Bamboo Products

There are myriads of advantages of using bamboo made products in daily life. As trees are getting depleted at a faster rate than they can replenish. Bamboo is only the quintessential replacement to substantiate this ecological loss.

We can’t let deforestation to go more disastrous. If we all make efforts together, we would succeed at impeding the ongoing declination of forest cover. If we swear to minimize the purchase of chemical-laden products, the problem can be solved to some extent.

There is a wide plethora of products. All you need to do is adopt them in your everyday life. Allocate them a little space, realize their importance, and help nature to heal. Not to forget, there’s nothing out of the way here, in turn, you are getting all your requirements filled.

Here are the amazing traits of Bamboo products that will surely capture you.


Every product crafted with Bamboo will last for years. You are making a smart long term investment by buying such reliable products with long-lasting capacity.



For all the nature-lovers, products made with bamboo are going to be priceless gifts for you. Get in touch with aesthetic pleasures offered by mother nature.

A wonderful way to get rid of plastic grudges.

Soft and Superb

Clothes fabricated with Bamboo fibers are as soft as cotton. Their water-absorbing ability is twice more than cotton. Who wouldn’t love to wear clothes that facilitate cooling during summers?


Comfort Optimized

Not only they keep you cool, but they are also comfortable to wear. Thermal regulation and anti-fungal features make bamboo clothes ideal choices for babies and people with sensitive skin. This is the reason the greater number of parents are switching to use baby wipes made with Bamboo material.


Another superior trait is the protection from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Such rays can cause skin cancer but thanks to the powerful shield bestowed upon us by nature itself in the form of a substance called Bamboo.


Bamboo As An Eco-friendly And Sustainable Resource

Anything that supports a healthy environment is regarded as ecological-friendly, or as we say it, eco-friendly.

How Bamboo promotes eco-friendliness and sustainable development? Well, there are multiple ways Bamboo proves itself to be the best tree ever!

These long poled trees absorb a double amount of carbon dioxide than other trees. For this reason, they are important carbon sinks of the biosphere. Further, they give out a large amount of oxygen.

Both carbon dioxide and oxygen are the most important gases present in the atmosphere. Former makes the earth habitable by controlling the temperature while the latter drives the life on this planet.

Bamboo is renewable, thus ideal for sustainable economic development. The rapidly growing characteristic of Bamboo is of great use. This keeps a supply of products going without suffering shortage.

They don’t require chemical fertilizers or pesticides to flourish. No chemicals mean no contamination. That’s something very rare in today’s world. Also, the harvesting of Bamboo is a totally environment-friendly activity.

Being an excellent substitute for wood, it fetches countless benefits. The reason is that Bamboo grows at a rapid rate, unlike other thread which takes years to reach maturity.


The number of trees being cut down for hardwood timber can be lessened. A promising replacement for cedar and mahogany trees is here. Bamboo trees live longer, for about 10-15 years. Therefore, long-term services can be reaped.

The Bamboo fibers are equally strong and durable like wood. Houses constructed with Bamboo can be seen in Asian countries, most dominantly in China. Some people also use it as food and fodder.

Henceforth, we conclude following to be the reasons for Bamboo as a valuable eco-friendly as well as a sustainable resource:

  • Pollution-free growth
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Best natural substitute for timber wood
  • Phytoremediation
  • Renewable
  • Cost-effective management
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • No requirement of chemicals and artificial promoters
  • Safely harvested
  • Produce a vast amount of oxygen
  • Absorbs good amount of carbon dioxide




Buying bamboo products is like hitting multiple targets with a single arrow. We guess everyone wants to contribute to nature in some form. This is your chance to pay your gratitude, maybe, indirectly. But good deeds are rewarded. Buy Bamboo products online at The Bambu Shop.

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