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Why to Buy Bamboo Cups


Although Bamboo cups are gaining popularity in India, yet many are not aware of bamboo cups and its telling benefits. Bamboo cups are the best alternative to toxin coated plastic cups; they are non-toxic, eco-friendly and FDA approved cups which are made from natural bamboo fiber. If you ask yourself why to buy bamboo cups, then take a look at the 8 things you should know about them.

How Bamboo cups are made

Bamboo is a great material for making eco-friendly cups since it is a sustainable crop that grows very fast without any pesticides and insecticides. Bamboo and bamboo made products have abundant carbon that facilitates the decomposition of the material. Bamboo cups are manufactured by mixing the natural bamboo fiber with non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) corn-starch and resins. Non-GMO means that Bamboo cups are made from the ingredients that aren’t genetically engineered. So, the resin is added to the bamboo fibers and corn-starch mixture. The resin is used to make the bamboo cups hard, durable and sustainable. The bamboo cups will usually last for years if used in a way they are intended to.

Long lasting and Reusable

When we look for long lasting and reusable drinking cups, nothing beats stainless steel out of the game. But Bamboo cups stands next to stainless steel cups. Buying bamboo cups is a good choice if you are looking for lightweight, non-toxic and eco-friendly drinking cups. Bobo&boo bamboo cups are reusable and will last longer when they are cleaned and used perfectly. For the bamboo cups to last longer, it is highly recommended to fully dry the cups after washing as this will prevent the water residues on the inner base of the bamboo cups. It is also advised to store them in a well-ventilated area and avoid locking in the shelves as it will cause moisture build-up.

Non toxic and BPA free


All plastics in today’s market are manufactured using BPA, an industrial chemical. BPA form a weak intermolecular bond with polycarbonates as a result of which BPA will leech into liquids or water while having hot beverages. BPA is infamously known to impair and disrupt the immune system. Bamboo cups for kids and adults are made from natural and high-quality bamboo fiber which are mixed with corn-starch and resin.

Bamboo cups. The Bambu shop, Bamboo Products online

And then this is mixture is moulded and pressed to get aesthetically pleasing and easy to grip bamboo cups. In addition to this, Bamboo fibers from which the bamboo cups are made have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Bamboo is one of the fast-growing plants in the world and grown without any pesticides or insecticides.

Why to buy bamboo cups? You should buy them online right now because Bamboo is long-lasting and reusable, non-toxic and BPA free, highly durable, cost-effective, easy to wash, biodegradable, and best renewable source.


Bamboo is Highly Durable

Bamboo cups are highly durable since it is fabricated from natural bamboo fiber. Our bamboo cups online are polished and finished to ensure a lower risk of breakage and it doesn’t have any sharp edges. Most importantly, they are made for kids and won’t shatter like ceramic or glass cups when thrown or dropped on the hard surface. Bamboo cups are non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free cups which will not cause any irritation or health risks. Our Bamboo cups can be used to serve both hot and cold beverages.

Bamboo is being used to build bridges and beams in some parts of the world just because of its high compressive strength which is higher than concrete, wood and brick. Not just the compressive strength, the tensile strength of the bamboo is close to the steel. These properties make bamboo one of the strongest and highly durable eco-friendly material of the planet earth. The table below shows a comparison between the mechanical properties of Bamboo and Steel.

Property Bamboo (kN/cm2) Steel (kN/cm2)
Elastic Modulus 2000 21000
Compressive Strength 6.2-9.3 14
Tensile Strength 14.8-38.4 16
Bending Strength 7.6-27.6 14
Shear Strength 2.0 9.2


Obviously, nothing is immortal and indestructible. But we ensure that we have created durable, eco-friendly cups that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums. And we can’t guarantee 100% that the bamboo cups won’t break when dropped or thrown.

The good news is that it won’t shatter like glass or ceramics, but it may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces.

Bamboo: Cost-effective

Bamboo cups for both kids and adults are so much affordable for its quality and durability. The money you invest in buying bamboo cups is just a fraction of what you will be spending for drinking or coffee cups in your lifetime. The ceramics may be cheaper than bamboo products but there is always a risk of breakage which is not the case with our bamboo cups, so at the end, Bamboo is more cost-effective. This is a very important reason for why to buy bamboo cups.

Easy to wash

Washing bamboo cups is not a tedious task. Bamboo cups can be cleaned and washed just like any other cups. And our bamboo cups are dishwasher friendly. Make sure you dry out the bamboo cups completely before stacking them up on the shelves. Because the moisture build-up inside the cups might deteriorate the quality and durability of the bamboo cups.

Bamboo is Biodegradable

Bamboo is a natural and one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. And most importantly, Bamboo is a biodegradable material. Also, bamboo is one of the fastest decomposing materials in the world which takes only 4-6 months to decompose completely. On the other hand, plastics or other polymers used in the manufacturing process of plastics usually take more than 200 years to decompose.

Best Renewable source

Bamboo is a plant that grows very fast and doesn’t need any fertilizer or pesticides to grow. In fact, today, Bamboo is known as one of the best renewable material in the world. Bamboo grows at a rate of three feet a day. Also, bamboo requires only a little amount of water to grow. Just like a banana plant, bamboo regenerates itself and supplies 35% more oxygen to the environment compared to other trees and plants.

Why to buy Bamboo cups?

If after reading this post you are still in doubt about buying bamboo cups or not, you can read some other of our posts; but if you want to buy bamboo cups online right now, this is THE link.

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