Other Bamboo Bathroom Products

Most featured Bamboo Bathroom products are bamboo toilet paper, tissues and overall, toothbrushes. But some of our customers also look for other products such as bamboo swabs, bamboo soap dishes, or even bamboo toilet brushes. Here you can buy bamboo bathroom accesories online.

Buy Bamboo Bathroom Accesories online at The Bambu Shop

  • Bamboo and Cotton Swab

  • Cotton head with bamboo handle. Colour to choose.

  • Functions: Ear cleaning, Makeup cleaning, Injury cleaning, etc

  • Size: Bamboo Length about 7cm, Cotton head length 1cm and 0.5cm

  • Bamboo and Metal Canister Jar with Lid for Cosmetics and Makeup Storage

  • 3. 5 bottom dia x 3. 5 top dia x 4. 12 inches
  • Natural, Wood,Chrome

  • Bamboo Soap Dish

  • Inspired by traditional Masu boxes and Sushi Trays, the Nigiri Soap Dish blends elegance and simplicity with the warmth of natural materials

  • Bamboo Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set

  • Durable bamboo and BPA-free plastic construction. Made to last and stands up to everyday use

  • Measures 3.6″ x 3.6″ x 17.5″